Coordinated PV Power Generation: IIT Guwahati’s Novelty For EV Charging

A team of researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati have a novel idea about optimal power generation and EV charging station free from the intermittent solar energy determined by cycle of weather. Issued by IIT Guwahati on July 20, a press release claimed that the researchers had developed an optimised control schemes that […]

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IIT Guwahati technology can standardise EV Manufacturing in India

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati researchers have come up with one of its kind technology that rates the motors and batteries of electric vehicles. The technology also suggests to the electric vehicle manufacturers about the best drivetrain for the Indian scenario. A drivetrain is basically a group of components in an EV meant to […]

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IIT Researchers Develop New Tech to Cut EV Charging Costs by Half

Researchers from various IITs have developed a new technology for charging Electric Vehicles which costs about half of the current on-board charger technology and can help to significantly reduce the cost of two-and-four-wheeler EVs. According to the team, the lab scale development has already been done at IIT (BHU) and upgradation and commercialisation was in […]

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IIT-Guwahati Team Develops new Technique to Boost Li-ion Batteries Performance

A new technique has been developed at IIT-Guwahati which can help boost the performance of Li-ion batteries that are widely used in EVs A new and advanced technique has been developed by a team of researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology – Guwahati (IIT) that can precisely estimate one of the most important internal […]

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