Top 5 Reasons Why India’s Power Demand Exceeded Projections

India’s power demand has been rising steadily. The country’s higher than anticipated peak demand has been in the news, with peak demand touching a lifetime high of 223 GW in June 2023 when peak deficit touched 0.17 percent. As per the Load Generation Balance Report (LGBR) released by the Central Electricity Authority, the peak demand […]

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Five Clean Energy Sectors Employ Around 9 million Workers: IEA Report

A latest report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) titled World Energy Employment (WEE) 2023 mentions five sectors that employ around 9 million workers today. Among these sectors, solar PV is reported to be the largest, creating around 4 million jobs. On the other hand, manufacturing of EVs and their batteries has reportedly been the […]

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Is Solar Trumping Wind, Again?

Between 2017 and 2021, you wouldn’t be blamed if you thought the whole burden of adding renewable energy capacity had fallen on solar energy. Thus, even as wind turbine capacities were going up, actual wind capacity deployment, particularly onshore wind, was slumping, leaving in its wake a slew of firms struggling to survive. Dominated by […]

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IEA World Energy Outlook 2023-Focus on Affordability, Developing Nations To Achieve Targets

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Annual World Energy Outlook Report is out, and it does its best to paint an optimistic picture of the possibilities from energy demand and supply. Even as meeting the target of limiting global warming to 1.5°C from human activity looks increasingly difficult, which the report admits, it continues to provide […]

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Amazon European Portfolio Enhanced with 39 Renewable Energy Projects

IT giant Amazon has revealed that it has added 39 new renewable energy projects in Europe as on date. These entail 24 utility-scale wind and solar projects. Amazon is also developing its first solar farm in Greece. In 2022, Amazon’s had set up its first utility-scale solar farm in Poland. So far, Amazon has added […]

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At Least 3000 GW of Renewable Power Projects in Grid Connection Queues: IEA

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released a report on, ‘Electricity Grids and Secure Energy Transitions Enhancing to Support the Foundations for Building Resilient, Sustainable and Affordable Power Systems’. The report emphasises that the grid’s risk is becoming a weak link of clean energy transitions.  The report suggests that a link between delays in grid […]

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Avg Wholesale Electricity Prices in India in H1 2023 80% Higher than 2019 Levels: IEA

IEA’s latest report entitled, ‘Electricity Market Report Update; Outlook for 2023 and 2024’ has shed light on the following findings- India has installed significant solar generation capacities in recent years, which helps meet daytime peak demand for cooling. However, evening peaks when the sun does not shine but temperatures remain very high pose a significant […]

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Lower Auction Volumes, Supply Chain Challenges May Slowdown 20% of India’s PV Capacity Additions in ’23: IEA

The IEA (International Energy Agency), in its latest study, “Renewable Energy Market Update 2023 & 2024” has offered significant insights on worldwide markets in the renewable segment. The revelations of the report are as follows- Global Renewable Capacity Additions  As per the report, the global renewable capacity additions are set to soar by 107 gigawatts […]

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Sunsure Energy Establishes Three Solar Power Plants for Dalmia Bharat Cement

Independent Power Producer Sunsure Energy has set up three solar power projects for cement manufacturer Dalmia Bharat Cement to help power up the cement major’s operations. The solar power projects are for a cumulative capacity of 23.74 MW. The said projects entail a 17.5 MW capacity solar power project in Cuttack, Odisha. The project will […]

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