Devise Alternate Ways to Repurpose Fossil Fuels, Argues IDTechEx

UK-headquartered IDTechEx, an independent market research and business intelligence provider, has advocated for devising novel ways to repurpose fossil fuel assets, as against simply resorting to obvious solutions like converting gasoline stations into  EV charging stations. The latter trend has of late become popular among oil majors, which are looking to capitalise on the rapid […]

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IDtechex Predicts Bigger Role For RFB Batteries Over Lithium Storage By 2030

“We are looking at the solution, but most of the time we forget the problem.” The energy scenario is changing as a result of years of green policies adopted by the major countries in the world. With energy storage playing a key role toward the integration of variable renewable energy (VRE) in the power grid, […]

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The Second Life of Electric Vehicle Batteries: Report

A new report takes a look at the underlying problem with the uptake of electric vehicles, the concern of what to do with the batteries when they reach their end-of-life. As the uptake of electric vehicles (EV) has increased exponentially in the past few years, the concern of what to do with batteries when they […]

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