Frost and Sullivan

Global Grid Battery Storage Capacity will Likely Reach 134.6 GW by 2030: F&S

As more nations commit to renewable energy, F&S predicts the global grid battery storage capacity to likely reach 134.6 GW by 2030. Frost & Sullivan’s (F&S) recent analysis on the global grid battery energy storage market finds that the continual expansion of intermittent renewables (RE) and declining technology costs are key factors fuelling the market. As more nations […]

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EV Sales Rise with Implementation of Stringent Emission Norms: Frost & Sullivan

EV sales will be driven by the implementation of stringent emission norms across countries and global policies favouring the adoption of electric vehicles Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Global Electric Vehicle Market Outlook, 2020, finds that the COVID-19 uncertainty will globally dent electric vehicle (EV) sales, which are estimated to stand somewhere between ±9 percent in […]

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Grundfos Lauded for Work in Emerging Markets With Solar Pumps

Based on analysis of global emerging markets for solar pumps for economic development, Grundfos has won the 2019 Global Emerging Market Innovation Award Based on its recent analysis of global emerging markets for solar-powered water pumps for economic development, Frost & Sullivan has recognised Grundfos with the 2019 Global Emerging Market Innovation Award. With superior […]

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EV Sales set to Increase to 34 Million by 2025, Over 121 Million in 2030

A new analysis has predicted that EV sales are set to increase to 34 million in 2025, 121.2 million in 2030, and 636.7 million by 2040 With greater vehicle electrification and the rise of disruptive technologies such as vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and peer-to-peer blockchain trading, utilities are expected to employ smart charging and demand response programs to cope with the growing demand for […]

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