floating solar PV plant

Introduction to Floating PV Plant

Renewable energy sources are of prime importance as they would power our future. Solar energy power plant which utilises the sun’s energy needs adequate space for installation. It is a well-known fact that out of the 510 million Km2 surface area of earth, a mere (appx.) 29% is covered with land. Additionally (at some locations) […]

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World’s largest floating solar PV plant of 40MW with Sungrow’s PV inverters connected to the grid in Huainan, China.

Sungrow’s central inverter SG2500-MV employed in this solar PV plant features its integration of the inverter, the transformer and the switchgear, as a turnkey station with lower transportation cost due to its 20-foot containerized design Sungrow has announced that the world’s largest floating PV power plant of 40MW with Sungrow’s PV inverters utilized has been […]

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