First Complete EV Ecosystem

Okinawa Autotech Registers Retail Sales of 17,531 Units in Oct 2022

Okinawa Autotech, an Indian manufacturer of electric two-wheelers, sold a record 17531 units in retail sales in October 2022 as a consequence of the robust demand from customers for its wide range of EV scooters. The sum of sales includes both high-speed and low-speed electric scooters from Okinawa Autotech. The increased demand for electric scooters […]

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Okinawa Autotech Announces Launch of ‘Megafactory’ In Rajasthan

Okinawa Autotech, India’s electric two-wheeler brand has announced the launch of its mega factory in Karoli, Rajasthan. It will be one of the most comprehensive units and the first such attempt (First Complete EV Ecosystem as the company terms it ) made in the country by an electric two-wheeler company.  The mega factory will have […]

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