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New Building Regulation Code Reduces Heat Pumps Emission By 25%: IEA Study

International Energy Agency (IEA) report on, “The Evolution of Energy Efficiency Policy to Support Clean Energy Transitions” outlines the changing energy system and shows why traditional energy efficiency policies must evolve, globally, to ensure clean energy transitions. In response to the evolving energy landscape, the IEA analysis focuses on leveraging existing policy foundations. For instance, […]

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Europe Adds 4.2 GW Offshore Wind in 2023; Up 40% From 2022

WindEurope – a premier association promoting wind energy in Europe – held that year 2023 witnessed a record 4.2 GW of new offshore wind farms come online in Europe. This was a 40 percent increase compared to the corresponding figures from 2022. The agency said that €30 billion of new investments were confirmed in 2023 covering […]

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Meeting EU Environment Policy Targets By 2030 Will Be Challenging: EAP

The European Union (EU) in its 8th Environment Action Programme (EAP) builds on the ‘European Green Deal’ and sets the framework for EU environmental policy until 2030. The European Environment Agency’s (EEA) its first monitoring report on the programme shows that the EU may not meet most of the monitoring targets. These targets were outlined in […]

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European Union Invests €2 Billion In Clean Energy Infrastructure Projects

The European Union (EU) recently disbursed modernization fund, of €2.17 billion to help the energy within nine Member States through 19 selected projects. These investments are set to help lower-income EU countries to meet their 2030 climate and energy targets. It will help to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in energy, industry and transport, and […]

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EU New Electricity Market Design To Speed-Up Renewable Deployment

A latest report shared by the European Council and the Parliament has revealed that they have reached a provisional agreement to reform the EU’s electricity market design (EMD). “This deal is great news, as it will help us reduce even more the EU’s dependence on Russian gas and boost fossil-free energy to cut greenhouse gas […]

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European Union Agrees For A Rooftop Solar Standard

Solar Power Europe, an industry association of solar companies, recently, released a statement by the European Union (EU) followed by a negation by them on the European performance of building directive. The EU now seems to have agreed for a rooftop solar standard.  In this, they concluded by defining the directives for building energy efficiency […]

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EU Commission Proposed Extension On Sale EV and Batteries In UK

The European Union (EU), recently proposed to the European Council a one-off extension on electric vehicles (EV) and batteries – until 31 December 2026. This proposal falls under the current rules of origin for electric vehicles and batteries under the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA). The Trade and Cooperation Agreement established the rules governing […]

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EU Action Plan Proposes 40% Investment In Electricity Grids Till 2030

The European Union (EU) Commission released an ‘Action Plan’ which supports the European Green Deal. The Commission’s proposed action plan aims at supporting the Europe’s electricity demand, which is expected to increase by 60% till 2030. The prosed system is expected to help deliver a digitalized, decentralized and flexible system. It claims to accommodate millions […]

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EU’s Net Zero Industry Act Set To Boost Technology Production In Europe

The European Union, (EU) Parliament, recently adopted legislation to bolster Europe’s manufacturing output in technologies for decarbonisation. The announcement of the “Net-Zero industry act” has sets the target for Europe to produce 40% of its annual deployment needs through net-zero technologies by 2030. The new legislation of the EU is based on National Energy and […]

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