European Green Deal

Meeting EU Environment Policy Targets By 2030 Will Be Challenging: EAP

The European Union (EU) in its 8th Environment Action Programme (EAP) builds on the ‘European Green Deal’ and sets the framework for EU environmental policy until 2030. The European Environment Agency’s (EEA) its first monitoring report on the programme shows that the EU may not meet most of the monitoring targets. These targets were outlined in […]

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European Green Deal Law Aided In Increased RE Deployment: Report

The European Union (EU) shared a report titled ‘The State of the Energy Union’ 2023, by the European Commission. The report looks back on the EU response to the unprecedented energy crisis of the past two years. It assesses the state of play with the green transition at the national and global levels. It further […]

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FuturaSun Plans New 2 GW Solar Module Facility in Italy

European solar module maker headquartered in Italy, FuturaSun has announced that it has acquired a 24,000 sq meters plot of land in the industrial area of Cittadella (Padua) to establish a new Italian solar module Gigafactory. FuturaSun said that the new factory will reach a 2 GW annual production capacity of high-efficiency photovoltaic modules that […]

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Finland, Luxembourg Commit For EU’s Renewable Energy Financing Mechanism

The implementation of the EU renewable energy financing mechanism has taken an important step forward as binding commitments have come from Finland and Luxembourg who will now take part in a cross-border tender for renewable energy. The announcement by the two countries follows an invitation by the Commission to all EU countries last year to […]

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EU Approves €2.08 Billion for Offshore Wind Energy Project in France

The European Commission has approved a EUR 2.08 billion French measure to support offshore wind energy production in France. The decision has been taken under EU State aid rules. The measure will contribute to achieving France’s energy and environmental targets, as well as the objectives relating to the EU’s Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy and the […]

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European Commission Funds €134 Million to Germany’s BASF for Renewable Hydrogen

The European Commission has announced the approval of a €134 million to support Germany’s BASF SE for the production of renewable hydrogen, with the aim of decarbonising its chemical production processes and of promoting hydrogen use in the transport sector. EC said that the measure contributes to the achievement of the EU Hydrogen Strategy and […]

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New EU Rules On Energy Projects Focus on Flexibility, Climate Change

The European Commission has endorsed the new Climate, Environmental Protection and Energy State Aid Guidelines (CEEAG).  to ensure that its state aid rules play their full role in supporting the European Green Deal, according to a recent announcement. Back in February, the European Commission (the executive branch of the European Union) organised a conference about how […]

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Eco Wave Power Joins EU-funded ILIAD Project Worth €17 million

Onshore wave energy technology company Eco Wave Power Global AB has announced its participation in the ILIAD Consortium, which has been awarded €17 million by the European Union (EU) as part of the €1 billion European Green Deal. The Israel-based company has developed an innovative technology that produces clean electricity from ocean and sea waves […]

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European Commission Approves €400 Mn Renewable Energy aid for Denmark

The European Commission has approved an aid scheme worth EUR 400 million to help Denmark reach its renewable energy targets The European Commission has approved, under EU State aid rules, a Danish aid scheme to support electricity production from renewable sources. The measure will help Denmark reach its renewable energy targets without unduly distorting competition […]

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