Energy Plants

Power Generation from Waste

India generates about 1,45,128 tons of waste daily (around 53 million tons annually) and, on an average, 46 percent of it is processed daily. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has been promoting Waste to Energy programme to recover energy in the form of Biogas/ BioCNG/Power from urban, industrial and agriculturalwastes. Under the programme, 184 […]

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ISS Offers 4GW Utility Scale Solar Energy Plants for Sale

ISS is offering over 4GW’s of Solar Farm Energy Plants for Sale that range in size from 20MW(AC) to approximately 200MW(AC) and are located in key US Markets with above average PPA rates and returns on these deals. Innovative Solar Systems, LLC (ISS) is hosting a special one day sales event in Asheville, NC at […]

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