EU’s Wind, Solar Generation Rose By 14%, Fossil Fell To 25%

EMBER, a clean energy think tank recently reported a decline in EU fossil generation to below 25% in a month for the first time ever. The study reported a major milestone for EU in its electricity transition in April 2024. The electricity generation reportedly increased by 0.4% year-on-year over January-April 2023. Meanwhile, wind and solar […]

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Renewables Can Bring Down Singapore’s Gas Dependency To 61%: EMBER

A recent report from energy think tank EMBER said that Singapore’s heavy reliance on gas-based electricity could be cut down with the expected rise of renewables in the country. The report said that based on its calculations, the share of electricity from gas would drop from 92% in 2022 to 61% by 2035. This was […]

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EU’s Shift To BTM Batteries To Meet Energy Demand: EMBER

EMBER in its recent report identified that installed battery capacity in the EU doubled to 16 GW in 2023, with a significant concentration in countries like France, Ireland, and Germany. Behind-the-meter (BTM) batteries constitute a substantial portion of this capacity, with countries like Spain and the Netherlands expected to follow suit due to high renewables […]

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Karnataka, Gujarat Maintain Lead Among States On Clean Electricity Transition

Karnataka and Gujarat continued to showcase their leadership in the progress toward the clean energy transition, a new joint report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and Ember shows. This marks the second year of IEEFA and Ember collaboration on the Indian States’ Electricity Transition (SET) report, which evaluates the clean […]

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Central, Eastern Europe Adds 39% Electricity From RE: EMBER

Central and Eastern European countries are advancing towards their renewables ambition, but EMBER report found it to be insufficient with their potential.  The EMBER report on, “Empowering Central and Eastern Europe” underlines the importance of upcoming Three Seas Initiative Summit to secure a low cost, resilient and interconnected clean power system. It mentioned, “In 2023, […]

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To Meet Targets, Wind Power Needs To Grow 3 Times By 2030: Report

A latest report from EMBER studied global renewable capacity and found that, based on current national targets, it’s set to increase by 7.3 TW by 2030. It anticipates that, based on the current national target, the renewable energy capacity is set to increase by 2.1x until 2030. The report on ‘Tracking National Ambition Towards a […]

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US Looking at 40 GW Solar and Wind Additions In 2024 After Blockbuster 2023

The Energy Information Administration (EIA), the official energy statistical agency of the US government released a report on ‘Short Term Energy Outlook’. The report expects that the generation from both natural gas and coal will fall next year in part due to an increase in the generating capacity from renewable sources. It forecasts that 40 […]

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Rajasthan Sees Fossil Contribution Shrink For 4 Consecutive Months

New data from global energy think tank Ember reveals that the share of fossil fuels in Rajasthan’s power generation mix has hit record-low levels at 50 percent from April to July this year. It is the first time that the lowest level was sustained for over a quarter of the year.   Fossil fuels generated 34 […]

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