Ohmium And Spirare Energy Collaborate With NTPC NETRA For Green Hydrogen Project

Ohmium International Inc., a green hydrogen company that designs, manufactures, and deploys PEM Electrolyzers, is collaborating with Spirare Energy, a leading provider of on-site energy generation systems, to generate green hydrogen at the NTPC NETRA Campus. Spirare Energy will manage the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of the project while Ohmium will provide the hydrogen […]

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Shell Collaborates With BASF For Green Hydrogen Purification

Germany’s largest chemical company, BASF (Baden Aniline and Soda Factory) has announced that it has forged a partnership with Shell to evaluate and de-risk BASF’s Puristar R0-20 and Sorbead Adsorption Technology for use in green hydrogen production. The official statement by BASF holds that the two technologies will serve the purpose of purifying and dehydrating […]

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Bosch to invest €500 million to develop components for hydrogen electrolysis

Bosch has announced that it will be investing €500 million to develop components for hydrogen electrolysis by the end of this decade that will help heighten green hydrogen production that will be used in transport and different sectors. A stack is the core component of an electrolyzer. Bosch has revealed in its annual information convention […]

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Columbia Engineers Develop Floating Solar Fuels Rig for Seawater Electrolysis

The electrolyzer component of this device is based on a simple, membraneless design that enables efficient operation with high product purity and without active pumping of the electrolyte. In a single hour, more energy from the sun hits the Earth than all the energy used by humankind in an entire year. Imagine if the sun’s […]

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