Lighting up India’s hinterland

India has emerged as the fastest growing energy market in the world. Investments in the sector grew at 12 percent last year with spending on renewable energy (RE) exceeding fossil fuel-based power. The country aims at being a power surplus nation and RE can play a big role in the transition. In April 2018, the […]

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Could Solar Energy power Indian homes for free?

Imagine running all your electricity-hungry home appliances and devices at home as much as you want and paying zero or near-zero electricity bill. This is already an accepted way of life for many people in Germany, a handful of American states, and a few other countries around the world where electricity tariffs have not just […]

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French Energy Major EDF Bets on Storage With Pivot Power Buy

French utility EDF continues to invest in a future where it expects storage to play a critical role, by acquiring UK battery storage firm Pivot Power. For EDF, the acquisition is another step in its effort to become a large scale storage firm. The takeover of Pivot Power also follows EDF’s acquisition in September 2018 […]

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Project Monitoring Committee at Ministry Could Fast-Track Project Implementation: Ved Mani Tiwari

The government has introduced an online system for seeking forest clearance that has been very beneficial in securing this critical clearance. To streamline state level clearances for transmission projects, the appointment of a nodal officer at the state level could be very helpful. Similarly, having a Project Monitoring Committee at Power Ministry level for a […]

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Using Sunlight to Cogenerate Electricity and Clean Water

A multifunctional device has been developed that can be retrofitted to conventional solar panels to cogenerate electricity and clean water. A multifunctional device that captures the heat shed by photovoltaic solar panels has been developed by a team of researchers at Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), used to generate clean […]

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Madurai Airport Goes Solar, Meets 30% of Power Needs from RE

Amidst the call to make its an International airport, the Madurai Airport has started to save big on electricity bill as the solar power is meeting more than a quarter of its electricity needs India’s 32nd busiest terminal, Madurai Airport is successfully cutting down its electricity bill as it meets 30% of its power requirement […]

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Gujarat Plans To Rollout Solar Power Scheme for Slum Areas

The Gujarat government after the launch of solar power plan for residential areas and farmers now plans a similar plan for slum dwellers The Government of Gujarat plans to launch a solar power generation scheme for slum dwellers. Not only will slum dwellers get free power, but also the government will also pay them for […]

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As 20 Delhi Schools Get Solar Power, 80 More To Join

The move is in line with the Delhi government’s flagship program to make the national capital a solar city in the coming years. Astoundingly, the returns from the government’s investment seem to be over 15%, based on government figures According to Delhi’s Department of Education, solar panel installation has been completed in 21 school buildings […]

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Norway Passes Law, Sovereign Fund To Become More Greener

Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global has obtained a go-ahead to divest as much as $13bn of investments from fossils fuels after its parliament voted to pass the law The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund which handles over $ 1trillion worth of Norway’s investments has been given a green light for the largest fossil fuel divestment […]

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