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The Success Determinants For Future In Electricity Sector With Low Carbon Emissions

A report on the ‘success determinants for a future in the electricity sector with low carbon emissions’ has been released by Deloitte. In the study, Deloitte has emphasized how renewable energy sources are anticipated to provide 95% of the net increase in the world’s power capacity between now and 2025. This development is brought about […]

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“Corporates Will Be key To Meeting India’s 450 GW Renewables Aspiration”

Srinivasan Viswanathan, CEO of Vibrant Energy is looking ahead to a great run for the firm, as the market continues to open up and throw up new opportunities. Backed by Macquarie capital’s Blueleaf Energy which owns a majority stake in the firm, Vibrant is focused on the corporate market for renewables, with a stress on […]

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