PediCurve Solar: The Future of In-Home Pedicure

Product Brief: In-Home pedicure with an Efficient, Healthy & Hygienic device – its 100% Solar Charged. PRODUCT FEATURES: PediGlass Disc, along with solar power has been used to make it. PediGlass Discs are chemically etched with craters on the glass which easily removes softened skin and leaves your feet feeling soft and smooth. PediCurve Solar features […]

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Hanergy Launches New Thin-film Solar Powered ‘Humbrella’

The company would donate the first batch of a million RMB (USD 160,000) solar-powered umbrellas, or ‘Humbrellas’, to regions of Africa where electricity shortages routinely prevent children from having enough time for study. In a major move for the global mobile energy industry, Hanergy has launched its new product ‘Humbrella’, a thin-film solar powered umbrella providing clean, free and […]

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