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Viz-A-Viz with Sushil Bansal, Founder & Managing Director, Novasys Greenergy Pvt Ltd

Q. As initially, Novasys Greenergy was established for coal trading purpose. How the idea of diversifying into solar space came into existence? Our coal trading activity over past quarter of a century has been conducted under the aegis of Sangita group, which is operational in coal. Being engaged in Energy business as above, we realized […]

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India imposes anti-dumping duty on tempered glass imported from China for five years

The ministry of finance has issued a notification imposing anti-dumping duty in the range of $52.85- 136.21 per tonne on tempered glass imports from China. India has imposed anti-dumping duty on tempered glass, used in solar PV and thermal products imported  from China for five years to protect the domestic industry from below-cost imports. The […]

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