China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG)

World’s Largest 16 MW Offshore Wind Turbine Connected to Grid in China

The world’s largest 16 megawatts (MW) offshore wind turbine off the coast of east China’s Fujian Province has been successfully connected to the power grid and began generating electricity on July 19, 2023. The wind turbine at the Fujian offshore wind farm is operated by the China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG). The wind turbine boasts […]

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China Boosts Offshore Wind Business, Adds 800MW Operational Capacity

The China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG), a state-owned power company, completed many a major milestone last month in its efforts to boost the country’s offshore wind industry. Phase II of the Shapa offshore wind power project in Yangjiang, built by CTG, went into full operation on November 27, delivering green and clean electricity to power […]

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