World Bank Approves $311 Million for Renewable Energy in West Africa

The World Bank has cleared the Regional Emergency Solar Power Intervention Project (RESPITE) for the West African region with an approval of $311 million that will be financed through its agency – International Development Association (IDA). The new project is expected to benefit the existing and prospective power consumers in the participating countries of Chad, […]

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AfDB, MASEN and RES4africa to impart solar training for Sahel Countries

North Africa is the receiver of the  highest irradiance on the planet and there is an increased focus on pushing more solar projects in the region. For the same, the African Development Bank (AfDB), MASEN and RES4Africa have agreed to join forces on a dedicated solar energy training programme in 2022. The official statement by […]

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Savannah Energy sings pact with Chad to develop 500 MW renewable projects

British energy company Savannah Energy has announced the signing of an agreement with the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy of Chad for the development of up to 500 MW of renewable energy projects. The projects will supply electricity to the Doba Oil Project and the towns of Moundou and Doba in Southern Chad, and the […]

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AfDB Grants Loan for 18 MW Solar Plus Storage Project in Chad

AfDB has approved a loan of 18 million euros for the establishment of the solar plus storage facility of Djermaya in Chad. The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a loan of 18 million euros and a Partial Risk Guarantee (GPR), for the establishment of the solar power station of Djermaya in Chad. Storage The […]

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