bifacial solar panels

First Floating Solar Project of Duke Energy Kicks Off in Florida

The first floating solar project in Florida by clean energy firm Duke Energy is now operational and producing  renewable energy.  The floating solar project of close to 1 MW boasts over 1,800 solar panels floating atop two acres of water surface on a cooling pond at the Duke Energy Hines Energy Complex located in Bartow. […]

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China Brings Together Solar, Salt & Shrimp to Introduce One-of-a-Kind Power Station

China has introduced the world’s Largest Salt-Light Solar Power Station, which brings together solar energy with salt production and shrimp farming. The solar plant in Tianjin, China, is constructed on a gigantic salt farm. The project employs double-sided solar panels (bifacial solar panels) to absorb sunlight above as well as the sunlight reflected by the […]

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Germany’s ib vogt Completes 116 MWp Coara Marang Solar Project in Malaysia

The developer of large-scale turnkey PV plants worldwide, ib vogt has achieved commercial operation (COD) of the 116 MWp Coara Marang Solar Project, in consortium with its Malaysian joint venture partner, Coara Solar Sdn Bhd. COD was reached on September 17, 2022, providing clean solar energy from the photovoltaic plant to the Malaysian electricity grid. […]

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175 MW Solar Project Commissioned by Mahindra Susten in Bikaner

Adding to the installed capacity of Rajasthan, the state with highest solar irradiance in India, Mahindra Susten has commissioned a portion of its solar project at Kolayat in Bikaner district. Mahindra has commenced the first portion of a 175 MW (AC) out of the total 250 MW solar project. Mahindra has been developing the solar […]

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