E-Fuel Hybridization With Solar Can Improve Energy Production: IEA

A latest report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) on, “Role of E-Fuel in Decarbonizing Transport”, studied the role of hybridization of E-Fuel with wind and solar as a solution in reducing carbon dioxide (CO₂) emission.  The report stated, “E-Fuel have emerged as an alternative in situations where, the usage wind and solar resources is […]

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Use Of Critical Mineral In Electric Vehicles Can Enhance Battery Life: IEA

The International Energy Agency (IEA) released a report analyzing the use of critical minerals in electric vehicles and found the use of critical minerals important in improving transparency in the supply chain.It mentions that to make the supply chain of critical minerals transparent, it requires that the companies that manufacture them purchase clean energy technologies. […]

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Australia Aims To Hike Its Power Capacity To 32 GW With New Investment

The Australian government recently announced the expansion of its existing Capacity Investment Scheme (CIS) and the National Energy Transformation Partnership (NETP), in conjunction with the states. It is set to expand the capital investment through CIS from the current pilot stage to 9 GW of dispatchable capacity and 23 GW of variable capacity nationally – […]

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Australian Fund Plans Polysilicon Manufacturing Hub, Launches Supply Chain Tracking Platform

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, a Queensland, Australia, based investment firm with a special focus on the energy transition, has announced an ambitious plan to establish a polysilicon manufacturing facility in Australia.  The move, said to involve investments of $8 billion comes with the firm claiming that land for the project has already been identified in Townsville, […]

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Australia’s Iron Ore Industry Faces Challenges in Decarbonizing Steel

A new report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) warns that Australia’s iron ore industry is at risk of losing ground to other countries as they move to meet growing global demand for green iron. The report states that the quality of the ore from Australia’s primary iron ore-producing region, the Pilbara, mainly […]

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DelEVery Launches Its Flagship Electric Loader ‘XL200’ At Rs 1.14 L

Tamil Nadu-based Future Motors Corporation’s commercial fleet ‘Delevery’ has unveiled its new flagship two-wheeler electric loader named XL 200. It has been crafted especially to cater to the loading and delivery needs of commercial businesses in the Indian market demands. The company has kept the ex-showroom price of the new product at Rs 1,14,900. It […]

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Long Duration Storage With Lithium Batteries Gets a Boost With RWE Bid In Australia

RWE Renewables, a German-based energy company, has now bagged a tender in New South Wales (NSW) in Australia to offer long-term energy storage systems. The company had earlier bid for its proposed eight-hour-long battery storage systems. However, by quoting lower than pumped storage, the firm has opened up a slew of possibilities on the utility […]

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Wartsila Wins Contract For Delivering Australia’s Largest Energy Storage Project

Origin Energy has selected technology group Wartsila as their preferred contractor to deliver energy storage solutions for Australia’s largest energy storage projects in the first phase. The project in its first phase has plans to have 460 Megawatt (MW) and 920 MW of energy storage systems.  These Eraring batteries will be stationed at Origin’s Power […]

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