Audun Martinsen

High Energy Prices Could Trip Up European Solar Manufacturing Plans-Rystad

Energy Research Agency Rystad Energy has warned that record high electricity prices across Europe are damaging the continent’s attempts to build a reliable low-carbon supply chain and reach its decarbonization targets, as solar and battery manufacturers face mounting costs. The warning comes even as renewable power producers in the continent have pushed for keeping the […]

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Solar Supply Chain Glitches To Drag On Climate Change Targets

In order to meet the 1.5°C 2050 scenario under the Paris Agreement, global solar manufacturing capacity has to quadruple to 1,200-1,400 GW by 2035 to handle the peak installations needed, shows analysis by Rystad Energy. Grid parity, resilient networks and strategic partnerships have spurred growth in such capacity in recent years, to 330 gigawatts in […]

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