Ashish Sethia

Rooftop Solar Presents a $23 Billion Opportunity in India: Report

Rooftop solar in India will grow inevitably with or without the support of power distribution utilities According to a new report released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), India’s 40-GW target for rooftop solar PV by 2022 represents a $23 billion investment opportunity. The report titled, ‘Accelerating India’s Clean Energy Transition,’ which was released at […]

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Potential of India’s Renewable Energy Resources

The capability of renewable energy in India – and the price tag to acknowledge– was highlighted recently by boards of energy and financing specialists. ‘The potential is colossal – the quantity of GWs is brain boggling,’ said Amit De, Sr. Strategies SkyPower Global. ‘SkyPower has resolved to manufacture 18GW of solar projects in India by […]

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