Artificial Intelligence

Top 5 Ways In Which Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Renewable Energy Sector

As the clamor for a net-zero future grows across the world, the energy sector might go through a major transformation in the coming years with a renewed push towards renewable energy and deployment of clean energy methods across the horizon. As one thing leads to the other, the power usage pattern over the years has […]

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Israeli Researchers Introduce AI-Designed Solar Panel Promising More Efficiency

Researchers at the Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv have produced a solar panel consisting of 676 different materials that convert the sun’s energy into electricity. It is part of the new class of solar panels developed from AI-based materials science, which means that artificial intelligence (AI) designs the materials in the panels. The AI design […]

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US Agri Startup Aigen Brings Solar Powered Robotics To Farm Cleanup

Aigen, a startup in the field of agricultural technology, based in Seattle, US has recently introduced a groundbreaking robotics platform that operates autonomously and can be scaled up easily. The USP of the platform is that it exploits solar and wind energy as its sole power sources. The firm claims that the Aigen Element Service […]

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Toyota’s AI Technique To Aid In Faster Designing Of EVs 

The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) has now unveiled a generative artificial intelligence (AI) technique to amplify vehicle designers. The institute said that new technological intervention could aid in fighting the constraints in the development of designs of Electric Vehicles (EVs) manually.  With the new technology, designers can leverage publicly available text-to-image generative AI tools as […]

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When Renewable Energy Meets Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

In the fast-changing world, technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are leading the next wave of productivity gains and tech changes. Artificial intelligence is the main branch of prediction-based technologies which includes domains like machine learning, neural networks and data science. The AI and ML technologies have thrown open a plethora […]

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Engie, Google Cloud To Seek More Efficient Wind Energy Through AI Based Solutions

In a fresh development French utility Engie has signed a partnership with Google Cloud for the development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based energy solution to optimize the value of wind portfolio of Engie on the short term power markets. As per the official statement, Engie and Google Cloud’s AI Services and Industry Solutions (AIIS) […]

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KoBold Raises Over $190 M to Source Metals for EV Batteries

Silicon Valley-based KoBold Metals has raised more than $190 million in its latest Series B funding round that is expected to give speed to the firm’s efforts to find new deposits of critical metals that are required for EV batteries and clean energy. KoBold Metals is a start-up backed by a coalition of billionaires including […]

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AI Should Not Be A Force Fit Into Businesses

MetroRide is an AI-powered mobility solution offering a hassle-free commute using shared Electric Vehicles. Dedicated to short rides, it is currently operational in Delhi, Noida and Bangalore, connecting daily urban commuters to high-frequency hubs like Metro Stations, Universities and Corporate Parks within a 5-mile radius. The platform leverages AI and huge data points for analytics […]

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