Ankit Mittal

How Lithium Batteries Can Reduce The Rates of EV & Its Impact In 2023

By Ankit Mittal, Co-Founder & CEO, Sheru For an electric vehicle, the battery is its most crucial as well as its most expensive component. In 2015, they made up more than 57% of the cost of an electric car in the US. Advances in technology, improved manufacturing processes, and efficiency gains have all meant that […]

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India’s EV Charging Roll Out, ‘Patla Pin’ Magic, And More Challenges

For a nation that embraced the mobile phone with breakneck speed, pricey prices notwithstanding, the heyday of Nokia phones in the late 90s and through early 2000s became synonymous with the thin-pin charger, which was very popular and ubiquitous at the time. Such was its ubiquity that it was assumed that everyone or every home […]

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Battery Swapping Technology to Transform India’s EV Industry in 2023

Ankit Mittal, Co-Founder & CEO, Sheru   India’s EV industry has grown rapidly in the recent past, especially in the 2-wheeler and 3- wheeler segments. Comprising just 2% of all 2-wheeler sales at the beginning of 2022, sales of e-2-wheelers were more than 5% of total sales in September. The 3-wheeler segment has seen even […]

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Energy Storage Company Sheru Enters Coveted Cleantech Open Accelerator Program

Delhi-based Energy Storage startup, Sheru has been selected for the Cleantech Open Accelerator program 2022 cohort. The Cleantech Open Accelerator program is offering entrepreneurs and innovators training and tools to help them build and expand their cleantech enterprises. Since 2005, it has assisted over 1,800 creative businesses in scaling up, growing, and making a good […]

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Extending The Net Metering Policy To Energy Storage Devices Will Grow The Market

Sheru, an energy storage startup supports storing energy in the cloud and solves the lack of storage problems by aggregating idle battery capacity to create a virtual energy storage platform. Sheru was started by three friends, Ankit Mittal, Shikhar Sharma, and Nakul Mehan, engineering graduates from  BITS Pilani. Having helped build robotics solutions in India’s first deep […]

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