Angela Merkel

German Govt to Expand Capacity in Solar & Wind Power Auctions

The German government, led by Angela Merkel, has said that it will expand the energy capacity tendered in renewable power project auctions to help decarbonise electricity, and will relieve the burden on consumers by reducing a fee charged to support wind and solar operators. While renewable sources hold a 50% stake in the power mix […]

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PV + Energy Storage will be Cheapest Energy Soln in 10 Years: Li Zhenguo

Once the economic efficiency of the PV and energy storage is realized, traditional fossil fuels will be quickly replaced, Li said. China-based LONGi Group President Li Zhenguo said that within ten years, photovoltaic plus energy storage will become the cheapest energy solution. He was speaking at the 9th China-Germany Economic and Technical Cooperation Forum in […]

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