ancillary services

CERC Asks Regional Gencos To Be Prepared For Ancillary Services During Peak Demand

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC), in its latest order, has asked the regional power generating stations under the control of state governments and other power stations to be prepared to render their ancillary services to counter the peak electricity demand. The peak demands are likely to increase with the country’s temperature rise. The central authority […]

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An Ancillary Services Market Will Be Key To Integration of 450 GW of Renewables By 2030

A new study, Electricity market design for efficient procurement of ancillary services in India to address changing system needs, by Wartsila and KPMG makes the case for power market reforms in India using power system simulation models. The study demonstrates that some of the renewable rich states in India could immensely benefit by adding more flexible generation […]

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Key Highlights From SECI’s RFS for Battery Storage Systems

SECI’s release of the RFS document inviting submissions for Pilot Projects of 500 MW/1000MWh Standalone Battery Energy Storage Systems in India finally gets the process started on this critical aspect of the future for renewable energy. We bring you some key highlights from the document. At the outset, the RFS, for the first time acknowledges […]

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