Solar the Star In Volatile Australian Electricity Market

As per a release from Rystad Energy Research, Australia’s power market has emerged as the most volatile in the world as unexpected losses of supply from unplanned coal generation outages and transmission line issues related to natural disasters lead to huge price fluctuations. However, in all these, solar has emerged as the star, helping keep […]

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The Curious Case of Switching Off Rooftop Solar And Pleading For Power Consumption In South Australia

In the past week, South Australia has seen the apparently curious situation of the national grid operator switching off itself, or asking owners to switch off rooftop solar systems in the state, even while requesting them to increase demand by switching on more appliances and other power hungry equipments. This apparent dichotomy  is easily explained, […]

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Australia Suspends Power Trading In Spot Markets

In a move meant to cool down ever higher energy prices and ‘hoarding’ so to say the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has suspended the wholesale electricity spot market across all five participating NEM states in the country. AEMO’s notice states that even as it is shutting the market wef June 15, it has been […]

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Australia’s Grid Vulnerabilities Threaten Wind Energy Expansion Too

Australia, where solar rooftop became the number 1 source of energy on some day earlier this year, has been grappling with issues with the national grid for some time. At stake is not just the grid stability itself, but also the expansion of renewables further into the system. While large battery announcements have given the […]

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Australia Joins India with Delays in RE Projects

If you thought India was the only place hit by extended delays and potential cancellations, think again. Australia, which has had a stop-start relationship of its own with renewable energy, especially utility scale solar and wind, has fallen into the same trap. Of course, there, more than just policy, it has been issues related to […]

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