Water Wasp – Off-Grid Solar Water Maker

Water Wasp - Off-Grid Solar Water Maker

PRODUCT BRIEF: The Water Wasp is a life-saving off-grid survival solar water maker. Disasters can make drinking water toxic and if you live near the ocean with lots of sunlight, and you want a way to make water for months and years without a constant supply of complex filters, electricity, and if you want to be prepared for hurricanes, earthquakes, nuclear disasters, tsunamis, drought and unrest, then the Water Wasp offers a potentially life saving option.

PRODUCT FEATURES: Grab a bucket of nasty flood water or salty ocean water, and the sun will heat the basin to extract the pure water, drop-by-drop, about a gallon of pure water per day in hot climates.

APPLICATION: Off-Grid Water Purifier

PRODUCT BENEFITS: The product is made using only UV-stabilised plastics, that are designed to last 4 to 6 years in direct sunlight, and indefinitely with intermittent use. The Water Wasp can handle any load of dissolved metals and salt without losing efficiency.

AVAILABILITY: The product is in the prototype phase, and has a kickstarter campaign you can support.

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