TerraSmart High Precision Aerial Site Mapping Service Drones (HPASM)

TerraSmart HPASM

Product Brief: TerraSmart proved once more that autonomous technology brings increased precision, speed and cost-savings to the world of PV construction. With the launch of its new High Precision Aerial Site Mapping service drones (HPASM), the solar EPC firm expects to use the latest autonomous technology to create topographical data with unprecedented accuracy- adding precision, speed and cost-saving measures to the PV construction sector.

Product Feature: With a new fleet of drones to streamline site mapping, the solar EPC firm expects to spend less time in the field assessing a project’s most inaccessible areas. This means work gets done quickly and accurately with less risk and lower costs for EPCs and developers. TerraSmart’s new High Precision Aerial Site Mapping service allows officials to complete the topographic map with phenomenal quality and accuracy.

Application: The drone can be flown 200 to 400 feet above a site, and help the Ter-raSmart’s survey teams map the site and provide the 3D CAD models to the EPC for optimizing the layout for racking systems so that projects generate the most energy possible. HPASM identifies trouble spots before sites are cleared; mitigating problems early to better manage risks and contain costs.

Benefits: Company’s latest launch, the HPASM drones brings equally remarkable improvements to PV construction. These flying drones optimize the design process from the start to save time and money throughout all phases of a project. Able to cover 50-80 acres in an hour, HPASM can map, process images, and create detailed site topography for a 5-megawatt project in only 48 hours.

Availability: Available Now

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