Sunpreme Next Genera on Maxima HxB Series Modules

Sunpreme Next Genera on Maxima HxB Series Modules

Product Brief: Sunpreme has released its HCT-platform based Maxima HxB-400 solar module. This product incorporates half-cell design with an anodized frame around the double glass construction. When combined with an optimizer, these modules can be integrated into 30% longer strings, a desirable benefit for space-constrained C&I applications.

Product Feature: Sunpreme Maxima HxB series modules has a high-power rating of 400W STC, 440W with 10% backside Bifacial boost, a benchmark low thermal coefficient of -0.26%/C and a voltage rating of 1500V. The module efficiency is specified at 19% STC, or 20.9% with 10% backside boost. The design includes new half-cell architecture to reduce internal losses and increase module power, a split J-box to reduce cable loss, with an option for integrated Smart optimizer, polyolefinencapsulant to enhance Sunpreme’s already world-class reliability, and an anodized aluminum frame for ease of installation.

Application: Rooftop and Utility

Benefits: This product carries a 30-yr, 0.5% per year linear power warrantee. It has benefited from a rigorous “should-cost” implementation of critical materials procurement process to ensure a competitive cost of the manufactured product.

Availability: 2017 Year End

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