SOS 20K Portable Solar Battery

SOS 20K Portable Solar Battery

SOS PowerBank

Product Brief: No matter what environment you’re tackling, SOS 20K will be there – and because it can stand abuse, charge from the sun, and is equipped with four 3-in-1 LED S.O.S signal lights, it will never leave you stranded.

Product Features: The power bank has a capacity of 20,000 MAh and the battery has a guaranteed lifecycle of 1000+ charge cycles. The product is waterproof, dustproof and also has a built-in SOS signalling feature.

Application: Power Bank – Charger

Product Benefits: The product takes 58 hours to a full charge (variable based on the directness of sunlight) its battery using the solar panel, and only 4-6 hours for enough power to re-charge your mobile devices.

Availability: The product is available for pre-order on the company’s website.

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