Solarion M210 48 cell Glass Foil Module

Solarion M210 48 cell Glass Foil Module

Product Brief: Solarion is offering a new generation of solar modules specifically designed for relatively low-bearing residential, commercial and industrial rooftops. The Solarion M210 is a glass-foil module consisting of 48 monocrystalline solar cells.

Product Feature: The modules are certified according to IEC 61215 as well as IEC 61730 and for flat roofs with an inclination between two to twelve degrees. The 2mm front glass is tempered and is very resistant to hailstorm and other mechanical impacts.

Application: The frameless encapsulation of solar cells between TPO or PVC and glass provides mechanical stability, durability and ease of use for low-bearing roofing applications.

Benefits: The Solarion M210 glass-foil modules are encapsulated framelessly between a glass panel and a plastic roofing membrane, providing a low surface load that is about nine kilograms per square meter, making PV-installations on low-load-bearing flat roofs possible. The system also provided higher area utilization compared to elevated systems.

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