Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage

Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage

Product Brief: Daimler AG expanded its stationary energy storage business to the U.S. market with the launch of Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage. Newly established Merc-edes-Benz Energy Americas is assuming the development and sales of stationary energy systems for residential, commercial and utility applications for the North-American market

Product Feature: Striking design, innovative technology and user friendly application, Mercedes-Benz Energy has the right storage solution for any requirement – from homes to major industrial facilities. Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage Home and Grid systems optimize the use of solar power, increase autonomy and enhance energy efficiency, shaving peak loads and helping to stabilize the grid.

Application: Each battery module has an energy content of 2.5 kWh that can be combined up to 20 kWh and used in var-ious applications such as back-up power and solar self-consumption. The system can also be configured for backup power functionality, allowing for more autonomy and less dependence on the grid.

Benefits: The scalability of the systems allow for industrial application of lithium-ion batteries for network stabilization and smoothing of peak shaving for energy producers, as well as private households, for example in conjunction with photovoltaic installations said the company. The systems will be followed by larger energy storage systems for commercial and industrial customers.

Availability: To be available soon

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