MECA HYPERION-SR Horizontal Tracker

MECA HYPERION-SR Horizontal Tracker

Product Brief: Meca Solar has launched ‘Hyperion-SR,’ which is touted to be the most advanced single row horizontal tracker on the market. It is designed to increase the PV power plant output up to 27% compared to ground-mounted fixed structure systems.

Product Feature:  It is equipped with the minimum number of piles per MW, self-powered operation, wireless communications, extended slope tolerances and sophisticated optimization.

Application: Utility-scale PV power plants

Benefits: Meca Solar ‘Hyperion-SR’ horizontal tracker has been designed with flexibility and cost competitiveness. The weight of the structure has been significantly reduced while the optimized design allows wider rotation angles (+/- 55 degrees). In case of severe weather conditions, the tracker automatically moves in stowing position in less than 3 minutes.

Availability: Available

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