J.v.G. Thoma Tabber Stringer

J.v.G. Thoma Tabber Stringer

Product Brief: J.v.G. Thoma GmbH has introduced a new tabber stringer to its product portfolio, which includes its ‘Endless String Technology’ to work at a speed that is claimed to be twice as fast as other stringers on the market.

Product Feature: The J.v.G. Thoma Stringer uses the newly developed Endless String Technology that is said to enable the stringer to reach up to 1,300 cells/h with a very high precision of ribbon alignment with an option handle 2.600 cells/h. Compared to other high end stringers on the market, the price per speed (cells / h) is very competitive, according to the company. The tool also provides less tension in the cell making less stress, resulting in a reduction in the cell breakage rate. The DESERT+ soldering solution we can process cells down to 120 micron thickness.

Application: Tabbing and stringing of all types of solar cells.

Benefits: The J.v.G. Thoma Stringer is designed to be low maintenance and have ease of operation. The new model has been thoughtfully designed so that it can be easily repaired with compatible replacement parts – even from suppliers other than J.v.G. Thoma. It is also possible to upgrade to new technologies when needed – giving the model a longer working life when migrating to new multiple busbar configurations.

Availability: Available

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