Huawei 1100V 65KTL Smart String Inverter

Huawei 1100V 65KTL Smart String Inverter

Huawei 1100V 65KTL Smart String Inverter

Product Brief

Huawei 1100V 65KTL Smart String Inverter, the latest industry standard large-scale ground-mounted FusionSolar PV Solution and rooftop solution was introduced at REI 2017. The next generation utility-scale ground FusionSolar PV Solution reduces the system investment and O&M cost, and improves the system security and reliability. The solution inherits the outstanding fuse-free, natural cooling, and PLCC technology.

Product Feature

The brand new 65KTL smart string inverter has been integrated with multiple advanced intelligent technologies, including PID recovery at night, smart tracker convergence, smart box-type transformer, Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis, smart O&M, smart component (optimizer), and dedicated self-adjustable cable connection design. These technologies decrease the line loss on the entire PV array, continuously increase the energy yields, and reduce the O&M cost and initial investment. The brand new 65KTL smart string inverter uses the efficient multitopology technology. The maximum efficiency can achieve 99.0%.


Suitable for utility-scale ground.


Added with Black Technology—Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis, Huawei 1100 V 65KTL Smart String Inverter can scan the PV plant remotely, and therefore faulty PV strings are precisely located and the root causes are figured out. This technology helps avoid the waste on the journey to PV plants and greatly save O&M time and cost. This technology can also be used to evaluate the PV plant health and produce early warnings for risks, which is good to problem discovery and preventive maintenance, prevents the PV plant from becoming sub-healthy, and ensures the long-term high energy yields of the PV plant.



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