HSBC ‘Green Deposit’ for Corporates

HSBC ‘Green Deposit’ for Corporates

PRODUCT BRIEF: HSBC has launched its Green Deposit product in India for its corporate clients. The first-of-its-kind product for the Indian market, the Green Deposit will enable the bank’s clients to support greener more sustainable projects.

PRODUCT FEATURES: The fixed tenure deposits through the product will go towards financing eligible businesses and projects that promote the transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient and sustainable economy. Like any other deposit, it will offer stable and pre-agreed returns.

APPLICATION: Green Energy Financing Term Deposit

PRODUCT BENEFITS: The money collected under the product will be exclusively used to finance green initiatives such as renewable energy, clean transportation, green building, sustainable water, etc. Corporates looking for the inclusion of sustainability agenda into their treasury activities or those that have limited opportunities for investment in environmentally beneficial projects can find this product relevant

AVAILABILITY: The term deposit is available for corporate client of the bank.

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