Gsola XJCM-11 Solar Cell Tester

Gsola XJCM-11 Solar Cell Tester

Gsola XJCM-11 Solar Cell Tester

Product Brief

GSola Power has brought its AAA class Solar Cell Tester XJCM-11 in India. The product was introduced during REI 2017 Expo. It is suitable for testing all kinds of solar cells, such as crystalline silicon solar cells, thin film solar cells, HIT solar cells and all the other high efficiency solar cells.

Product Feature

The XJCM-11Solar Cell Tester uses LEDS as light generator instead of xenon lamp. Available in A+A+A+ class, it offers spectrum wavelength of 300 to 1100nm. The device is compatible for 2/3/5 BB solar cells and can be customized for more bus-bar solar cells. It supports reverse current test.


Used for crystalline, thin-film, PERC, HIT, N-type, IBC, CIGS and other capacitance cells


The solar cell tester uses different LEDS whose colors are chosen to match the spectrum and intensity of visible sunlight. The flasher is able to do freely defined light pulses ranging from 10ms to 200ms based on the solar cells. Machine performance is fourth better than the IEC 60904 class AAA class. The flash curve contains Suns-Voc evaluation, IV testing, reverse current testing and spectrum response testing.



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