GSola GEL-M11 Solar Module EL Detector

GSola GEL-M11 Solar Module EL Detector

Product Brief

GSola Power introduced its newest Solar Module EL DetectorGEL-M11 at the Renewable Energy India Expo 2017. It is used for detecting the inner defects of solar modules, such as low efficiency solar cell, broken finger, contamination, micro-crack, short edge, wafer issue, and so on. The detector is useful for testing the solar modules before lamination, after lamination or for framed modules at the end of production process.

Product Feature

The EL Detector comes with 42MPEL image resolution and offers image shape resolution ration of ≤0.3. It has a high throughput of 130 modules/hours, and is known to generate 300MW capacity per year.


Used for detecting the defects of solar modules


The GEL-M11 Solar Module EL Detector can also be used as standalone machines or integrated into production line.



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