Ginjot: A multifunctional flexible UV cleaning mop

Ginjot: A multifunctional flexible UV cleaning mop

PRODUCT BRIEF: A cleaning mop with Look and Hoop system with 360° Swivel, Water spray UV Light and Solar Panel.

PRODUCT FEATURES: Ginjot: a  flexible, all in one,  ecofriendly,  innovative  cleaning mop. The cleaning mop is easy to use, it cleans dirt from any surface, and most importantly it’s lightweight and multifunctional. It has a  washable, dual-sided  microfiber  pad that deals with all kinds of surfaces. Inside there is a UV light placed, which clean  99, 9%  of any surface. Ginjot is flexible, meaning that it can rotate 360 degrees and clean any unreachable angle.

PRODUCT APPLICATION: Gijot is made from recycled plastic and is solar-powered, which indicates its eco-friendliness.

PRODUCT BENEFITS: It is solar powered, ecofriendly cleaning mop, you can use even at power outage.

AVAILABILITY: The product is available on firm’s website and on retail for INR 3,580.

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