Fonrich FR-PVMBPVSx Module Monitoring Device

Fonrich FR-PVMBPVSx Module Monitoring Device

Fonrich FR-PVMBPVSx Module

Product Brief

The Fonrich FR-PVMB-PVSx Module Monitoring Device is used to monitor the working status of every module and send these real-time data to a specific data collector through PLC communication. Realtime data is an essential part for intelligent maintenance of PV plant.

Product Feature

Named Gilgal2 and Gilgal3, these are designed for 1000V and 1500V systems. The main unit can be directly connected to the bus-bar with an embedded power supply, which saves the space of a combiner box and the cost of the external power supply. They have enclosed and compact PCB boards and modularized current sensors, can monitor the string current, bus-bar voltage, combiner box temperature and the status of breaker and SPD, and transfer the data through Modbus to SCADA.


Used for monitoring the working status of every module.


Gilgal3 can monitor 4 digital and 2 analog data sets and detect the arc-fault to protect the system from fire. 40% fires are caused by DC arc-fault in solar systems. Moreover, LoRa wireless communication is also a shining feature for Gilgal3.



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