Empower Genesys 8K Modular Smart Home Energy Platform

Empower Genesys 8K Modular Smart Home Energy Platform

Product Brief: Empower Micro Systems Inc. has announced the launch of its next-generation Genesys 8K modular smart home energy platform. Empower is licensing this patented technology and turn key product designs to inverter, photovoltaic module, and lithium-ion battery module manufacturers around the world looking to gain traction in the rapidly converging residential smart energy sector.

Product Feature: Genesys 8K modular technology platform delivers uncompro-mising performance: great efficiency (98%), instrumentation-grade power quality (1% THD), and unparalleled reliability (100% solid state design) said the company in a statement.

Application: Empower Genesys 8K is designed specifically for residential solar, energy storage, and unified solar + energy storage installations.

Benefits: Designed for standard household alternating current (AC) wiring, Genesys 8K delivers a unified solar + energy storage system that can be installed by a broader base of green-collar workers and eliminates specialty high voltage direct current (DC) balance of system (BOS) costs while significantly improving speed of installation.

Availability: To be confirmed

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