EcoStar DC200 UPS

EcoStar DC200 UPS

EcoStar DC200 UPS

Product Brief

EcoStar DC200 is an efficient Solar UPS for domestic appliances which can run on both AC and DC Power. Whenever healthy AC power is available, the appliances run from mains supply. In the event of power failure or unhealthy conditions the appliances run using Battery power converted to a DC voltage suitable to run the above appliances.

Product Feature

Solar EcoStar DC200 comes with in-built Solar PWM and mains SMPS Charger. It also supports battery charging current sharing with solar and mains. The UPS has two output types- one for General household mains operated appliances and one 12V DC output for DC Fans and LED lights. It is included with powerful charger for charging at very low mains voltage, and added with surge and over voltage protected.


Suitable for residential applications.


If Solar Power is available, the Battery will be primarily charged using solar energy; else it will be charged from Mains. In addition EcoStar DC200 can run loads which can run on 12VDC power supply, like DC Fans and LED Lights directly from battery.



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