ABB PVS – 100/120 String Inverter

ABB PVS – 100/120 String Inverter

ABB PVS String Inverter

Product Brief: ABB has expanded its solar inverter portfolio to include PVS – 100/120 inverter. The new PVS – 100/120 string inverter range has the ability to interact with the solar plant system through high power consolidation of products and physical parts coupled with digitization.

Product Features: It offers a six-in-one and sun to socket solution which has various features such as flexibility, scalability, ease of installation, and proactive plant management. With this inverter enhanced O&M can be possible during the operating life of the plant through key features such as in water cooling fans which are heavy duty but can be easily removed during maintenance cycles.

Application: Large-scale industrial as well as commercial ground-mounted and rooftop applications.

Benefits: This inverter optimizes the total cost of ownership and brings about 50% reduction in installation as well as Logistics cost. It is quicker and offers improved user experience with fast installation, great capacity, high versatility, and proactive management and control of the solar plant through remote monitoring capabilities.

Availability: Available.

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