TSERC Approves Net Metering Policy for Solar Rooftop Systems

Rooftop Solar PV System

Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission has approved net metering policy for solar rooftop customers in the state. This regulation comes into force from the date of its notification in the Official Gazette and extends to the entire state of Telangana. It is applicable to distribution licensees (DISCOMs), eligible consumers and third-party owners of rooftop solar projects in the state.

An Eligible Consumer may install a Rooftop Solar PV System under the net metering arrangement which:

  • shall be within the permissible rated capacity as specified in this Regulation;
  • shall be located in the consumer’s premises;
  • shall interconnect and operate safely in parallel with the distribution licensee network;
  • Priority for connectivity to the network distribution of the Licensee shall be accorded to an eligible consumer who has installed the Rooftop Solar PV system before the commencement of this Regulation, provided such consumer complies with the conditions of this Regulation.

TSERC notes that the distribution licensee shall permit the net metering arrangement to an eligible consumer who has installed or intends to install the grid connected Rooftop Solar PV System in its area of supply on a non-discriminatory and first come first serve basis. Priority will be given to customers who have installed a solar rooftop system before the announcement of this policy to connect to the network distribution system of the DISCOM.

An Eligible Consumer who proposes to install a Rooftop Solar PV System in his premises shall submit an application to the Distribution Licensee along  with the  necessary  documents   and  the applicable fee mentioned here below.

System Size Applicable fee per connection
From 1 kW up to 6 kW Rs.1,500
More than 6 kW up to 100 kW Rs.10,000
More than 100 kW up to 1 MW Rs.50,000

The Rooftop Solar PV System under the net metering arrangement, whether self- owned or third party owned installed on the Eligible Consumer’s premises, shall be exempted from Transmission Charge, Transmission Loss, Wheeling Charge, Wheeling Loss, Cross Subsidy Surcharge and Additional Surcharge.

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