Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy

Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy

Rajasthan solar energy policy

Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy Updates 2017

The new fixed tariff of Rs. 3.93 (~$0.06)/kWh as the generic tariff levelised for 25 years for solar PV projects excluding accelerated depreciation (AD) has been announced by the Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission (RERC) in October 2017. The fixed AD component is fixed at Rs. 0.27 (~$0.004)/kWh making the new tariff including AD is Rs. 3.66 (~$0.056)/kWh. The new tariff is applicable to all solar PV projects with signed power purchase agreements (PPA) on or before March 31, 2018, and commissioned on or before March 31, 2019.


  • Developing a global hub of solar power of 25,000MW capacity to meet energy requ-irements of Rajasthan and India.
  • Contributing to long terms energy security of Rajasthan as well as ecological security by reduction in Carbon emissions.
  • Providing a long term sustainable solution for meeting energy needs and considerably reducing dependence on depleting fossil fuel resources like coal, oil and gas.
  • Generating direct and indirect employment oppertunities in all activities related to the geration of solar power.
  • Envisaging a solar centre of excellence that would work towards applied research and commercialization of nascent technologies to accelerate the march to grid parity.



a) Setting up of solar power plant sanctioned under guidelines of MNRE/ NSM

b) Setting up of solar power plants in Raja-sthan for sale to Discoms of Rajasthan

c) Utility Grid Power Projects for sale through RE certificate Mechanism.

d) Utility Grid power projects for captive use/ sale to 3rd party/states other than rajasthan through open access for promotion of investment in Rajasthan.


The state is promoting development of Rooftop PV solar power plants connected to LT under Net Metering Scheme as per guidelines of RERC. The state Government shall allow the Net Metering mechanism for grid connected systems to the cosumers of the Discoms installing such systems subject to technical consideration and execution of net-metering agreement between such consumers and Discoms.

RREC acts as a nodal agency for develop-ment of solar parks in Rajasthan. A special purpose vehicle in form of a subsidiary company of RREC has been established for development of infrastructure and mana-gement of Solar park.


  • Utility Grid Power Projects of unlimited capacity for captive use / sale to 3rd Party / States other than Rajasthan through Open Access.
  • Power Producer of states other than Raja-sthan will also be eligible for RE (Solar) Certificate.
  • Development of Solar Parks by Private Sector Developers, through Joint venture Companies (JVCs).


After in principle clearance of the projects by the state level screening committee for projects, the solar power producers will be required to deposit security amount of Rs. 10 Lac/MW in the form of bank guarantee within one month from the date of issue of in-principle clearance. In case power producer fails to deposit security money within stipulated time, then in-principle clearance shall be cancelled without any notice which can only be revalidated after deposit of security amount with interest at 12% per annum from the date of in-principle clearance.

The security amount deposit by the solar power produces shall not be convertible or transferable and shall only be refunded to the solar power producer on his written request after commissioning fo the project. In case power producer fails to commission the plant within the time schedule including extension as per clause 21, the security deposit shall be forfeited.


  • Water Resource Department will allocate required quantity of water from IGNP canal / the nearest available source for development of Solar Thermal Power Plants subject to the availability of water for power generation. Power Producer will intimate estimated water requirement to RREC along with source of water.
  • Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board with a view to encourage Solar Power plant in the state has notified solar power plant of all capacities under Green Category. The State Board will issue comprehensive consent to establish and consent to operate for one project. The State Pollution Control Board will also ensure expeditious disposal of consent applications within 15 days.
  • Banking will be allowed as per the RERC regulations.

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