Himachal Pradesh Solar Energy Policy

Himachal Pradesh Solar Energy Policy

Himachal pradesh solar energy policy


  • Promote generation of electricity from solar energy for energy security for sustainable development, which is the core Development Policy of the State.
  • Contribute to the National objective of increasing the share of Renewable Energy in total energy consumption, in accord-ance with climate, environment and macro-economic considerations.
  • Strengthen and sustain the Policy of 100% clean electricity consumption in the State, by providing a suitable alternative to coal and gas based power and to provide firm base load power during the sunshine time of the day, so that water in the hydro projects are impounded during day time for peaking power.
  • Empower people in the remote and rural areas with 24×7 powers by way of dec-entralised solar power supply, especially in the unreliable grid systems in the mountains, to meet their basic needs, enable access to social and commercial services, and technologies
  • Contribute to macro policies and strategies on climate change, environment protection and sustainable development.
  • Promote investment, mainly private, so as to derive benefits of jobs, incomes, revenues and growth.
  • Facilitate achieving RPPO by capacity creations in the State.
  • Create awareness about potentials of renewable energy, especially solar, as a source of reliable, affordable and accessible energy in a decentralised manner, so that efficient use of electricity becomes a way of life, eventually even for cooking needs and transportation needs to power automobiles.


Policy to be applicable to Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) technology. However, with the effi-ciency in Solar Thermal and other solar technologies growing and their relevance to the State in context of competitiveness with Solar PV and SHPs, State may consider these technologies in due course.


Solar Parks of medium sizes to accomm-odate 50 MW to 100 MW capacities, in different load locations, will be set up under the Solar Park scheme of Govt. of India.

In addition, State will endeavour to create land banks for allocation to power producers, on the lines of industrial estates.


The electricity consumers of HPSEBL shall be eligible to install minimum 1 KW to maximum 5 MW capacity solar PV plants on their building roof top or its premises which will be connected to grid with bidirectional meters, where in consumer will use solar generation for his consumption and only the drawl from grid to meet the deficit will be billed and surplus generation will be injected in the grid and consumer will be paid for this quantum by HPSEBL.


Eligibility for net- metering shall be as specified in the Himachal Pradesh Electricity

Regulatory Commission (Rooftop Solar PV Grid Interactive System based on Net Metering) Regulations, 2015. First Party is required to be aware, in advance, of the standards and conditions his system has to meet, for being integrated into grid/ distribution system.


  • 70% employments to bonafide residents of H.P.
  • 1% of total project cost to Local Area Development Fund
  • Investment in the SPPs to be treated like investment in industrial project
  • State Govt, to facilitate in obtaining statutory clearances
  • No Environment clearances, survey and investigations, TECs etc. required

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