Cabinet to install 15,000Mw Grid Connected Solar PV Power with NTPC


The Cabinet in a row to revive the National Solar Plan accredited the scheme of installing 15,000Mw Grid connected Solar PV Power through NTPC across three tranches.

The Three Tranches will be:

  • 3000 MW under Tranche-l under component of Packaging with Unallocated Coal based Warm Power and settled levies
  • 5,000 MW under Tranche-ll with some backing from Government to be chosen in the wake of getting some experience while actualizing Tranche-l and parity 7,000 MW.
  • Tranche-III with no money related backing from the Government.

The Govt. endorsed Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) to apply the Register centre of Companies under Section 3 Company and renaming it as the Renewable Energy Corporation of India (RECI).

SECI will turn into a self-maintaining and self-producing association. It will connect with itself in owning solar power plants generating and offering power and in different fragments of sun oriented part exercises, including assembling of solar power devices and materials.

RECI will take up advancement of all portions of renewable energy to be specific, geo-warm, seaward wind, tidal and so forth separated from the solar energy.

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