Zunroof Offers Rooftop Solar Under Rs 30k/kW in Delhi, Here Are the Details

Zunroof Offers Rooftop Solar Under Rs 30k/kW in Delhi, Here Are the Details

Zunroof is offering Delhi residents a chance to install rooftop solar systems on their houses at a flat upfront cost of Rs 29,400 per kW.

Zunroof Delhi Rooftop Solar

Gurugram-based solar rooftop solutions provider Zunroof has come out with a new promotional period offer in which residents in Delhi can get rooftop solar systems installed on their houses at a flat upfront cost of Rs 29,400 per kW (including GST).

According to the firm, the following services and products will be included in the package:

  1. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) approved Tier-I Polycrystalline Solar Panels will be used for setting up of the solar systems, however, the customers will have the option to upgrade to Monocrystalline panels at a nominal premium.
  2. MNRE approved and IEC certified on-grid string inverters will be utilised.
  3. The flat rate of Rs 29,400 will cover the cost of solar panels, grid-tied inverter, structure, elevation up to 1 metre, designing of the rooftop solar system, installation, commissioning of site. Additional elevation, if required, is offered at Rs 490/metre up to 3 metres.
  4. The company will also provide maintenance services for the system for a period of 5 years under the terms of an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) at no additional cost.

According to the data provided by the firm, a 1 kW installation when designed and implemented through the Zunroof application will generate approximately 1500 units of electricity annually. The flat rate for the customer is net of subsidy and the company will keep the central subsidy (when disbursed) for the project.

Calculation of Payback Period: (Approximate)

    • For a household that has a sanctioned load of 4 kW and consumes 400 units of electricity every month, the bill amount without a rooftop solar system is Rs 1261. (After accounting for the new changes in billing amounts as announced by Arvind Kejriwal, chief minister of Delhi)
    • If the same household installs a 2 kW rooftop solar system at Rs 65,000 (Rs 58,900 + Misc), the system will generate nearly 250 units of electricity every month.
    • As per the net-metering guidelines, the bill will reflect consumption as only 150 units for the entire month. And the resultant bill will be Rs 200
    • Bill Breakup: Rs 200 = Rs 200 which is the fixed load charges that a consumer must pay (Sanctioned Load >2 kW and <5 kW has been reduced to Rs 50/kW/month) + Rs 0 which is for consumption that is lower than 200 units every month.
    • So ideally, a household with the above parameters will save close to Rs 1000 on their electricity bill every month. Thus the payback period for the customers will be 60-65 months or around 5 years.

The initial investment made by the customer will be repaid over 5 years if a 2 kW rooftop system is installed or for that matter a 3 kW system. Which is also the duration of the AMC period that the company is offering in the deal.

Pranesh Chaudhury, founder and CEO of Zunroof, said that “the people in Delhi should totally utilise this opportunity before it is gone. Anyone who gets monthly electricity bill over Rs 1500 and has roof rights can visit our website, fill-up the form and make money from the sun.” 

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