ZEP to launch Solar Roof Tile on October 7, 2016

ZEP to launch Solar Roof Tile on October 7, 2016

ZEP Solar Roof Tile

Dutch company ZEP has announced the launched solar roof tiles on October 7, 2016. According to the company the patented invention will make each roof suitable for generating solar energy.

In addition to the existing black tile, the world’s first natural red solar tile with natural red solar cells will also be presented at the event. It is worth mentioning that the company presented its first black solar roof tiles last year.

The solar cells in these roof tiles are invisible, leaving the aesthetic character of any building intact. Often owners of monuments or iconic buildings are not allowed to install solar panels on their roofs, as it is prohibited by architecture supervision committees. Today, several committees in The Netherlands have approved the solar roof tile. ZEP expects the tile will be approved everywhere in the world.

The new solar roof tiles offer a space-efficient solution when chimneys, dormers and skylights leave little space for solar panels. As a result the total covered surface can often produce more electricity than solar panels. ZEP in a statement said that it will start exporting their solar tiles all over the world.

“We have the patent and are the only company who may supply these tiles,” De Graaf said. He added “A lot of people have been waiting for this.”

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