Wolfspeed Achieves All-SiC 1.2kV power Module Reliability Benchmark for Harsh Environment Operation

Wolfspeed Achieves All-SiC 1.2kV power Module Reliability Benchmark for Harsh Environment Operation

Wolfspeed’s new SiC power module enables highest reliability SiC devices for outdoor systems in renewable energy and transportation

Wolfspeed, a Cree Company has announced that its power module has passed the harsh environment qualification test.  Wolfspeed achieved SiC 1.2kV power module reliability benchmark for simultaneous high-humidity, high-temperature and high-voltage conditions.

Wolfspeed Achieves All-SiC 1.2kV power Module This reliability benchmark enables system designers to use this device in outdoor applications such as transportation, wind, solar and other renewables where extreme environmental conditions have historically challenged safe device operation. The new all-SiC module, rated for 300 A and 1.2 kV blocking, was stressed in an 85 percent relative humidity, 85°C ambient while biased at 80 percent of rated voltage (960V). Success in harsh environment testing under bias provides further confidence in the overall ruggedness of SiC device technology for all applications.

SiC components enable the design of compact, lightweight, low–loss converters required for railway transport applications,” said Michel Piton, semiconductor master expert at Alstom, a leading global supplier of systems, equipments and services for the railway market. “Achieving March 2017 the benchmark for temperature and humidity under high bias voltage is a key milestone for SiC devices in its adoption into our demanding market.”

Powered by new Wolfspeed MOSFETs (CPM2-1200-0025A) and Gen5 Schottky diodes that also pass the harsh environment test at the die level, the new module retains the low 4.2 mΩ on-resistance and more than five times lower switching losses than similarly rated, latest generation IGBT modules. Module construction utilizes high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride substrates and optimized assembly methods to meet industry thermal and power cycling requirements.

This device is yet another industry-first driven by Wolfspeed,” said John Palmour, Wolfspeed’s chief technology officer. “The latest 1200V module demonstrates our commitment to enabling markets and applications by meeting the anticipated system requirements for 2020 and beyond.”

Available under part number WAS300M12BM2, the new module can be driven using existing Wolfspeed gate drivers for 62mm modules.

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